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April Members Newsletter


In this issue:

- Welcome to Capita
- Your Local Reps
- Meet Your Reps
- What Are Our Priorities?
- Current Discussions
- NEC Elections - Finance Sector Results
- Prudential & Capita
- Salary Review
- Next Issue
- Pass It On

Welcome to Capita

Firstly I would like to welcome you all to Capita. In the first few weeks you will not notice a great deal of change although some of you would have moved to a new part of the office. Clearly over time things will change, however the good news is your union, Unite, is still here to support you.

A number of experienced workplace Unite reps have transferred to Capita and I have also transferred. Below we have listed your current Capita workplace reps who you should contact if you have any workplace issue or a question regarding the union.

Members in Craigforth can also contact the reps below or me for advice or support. Please do take into account that I and all the reps below are also new to Capita.

I have transferred into Capita as the seconded rep looking after members working on the Prudential contract and I can be contacted via email, or on 0118-9539040 if your local rep is unavailable.

Chris Gray

Your Local Reps

Elizabeth Addison -
Gary Fostekew - 05511-456745 /
Graeme Hoskin - 05511-456708 /
Hubert Bowers - 0118-9683023 /
Mark Sherwood - 0118-953062 /
Mark Trinder - 0118-9683515 /
Pam Buckett - 05511-456705 /
Richard Medlycott - 0118-9683037 /

Meet Your Reps

Watch out for details of events in your location where you can come and meet your local reps.

What are Our Priorities?

Now the transfer is complete, we would like to know what you, the members, believe the union should be addressing with Capita (if anything). What should our priorities be?

What information would you like from your union and/or Capita? Let us know by emailing by the end of April. We will pick one respondent out of a hat and they will receive a £25 M&S gift voucher.

Current Discussions

Over the next few weeks we hope to be meeting with the senior managers and HR contacts who will be looking after the Prudential contract. Unite hope to be able to build a good working relationship with your new employer. As you may know Unite have a National agreement with Capita. This agreement covers items like the relationship between Unite and Capita, how we consult, how we work and how we deal with any issues.

NEC Elections – Finance Sector Results
The following individuals were elected by Finance Sector members to represent the Sector on the new Unite NEC.

Jim Kendall, Jane Lewis, Peter Simpson and Agnes Tolmie.

Prudential & Capita

Although the Prudential Section has split it is recognised that both sides face similar challenges in the months ahead. As a result Capita reps will continue to meet regularly with the reps that are remaining at the Prudential to discuss issues.

Salary Review

A large number of members have contacted us in relation to the size of their salary and bonus award this year. As you are aware Unite negotiated a merit pot of 3.75% to be distributed. The Company also agreed to share a certain amount of data detailing how the money allocated for salary review has been spent so we can check that it has been spent and allocated fairly and we are expecting sight of this data shortly. We will keep you updated on this situation.

We know a large number of members have indicated that they want to appeal and Unite reps will support those members through the appeals process. All appeals should be lodged by 6th May.