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June Newsletter


Welcome to the second Outlook from Unite in Capita. April and May is always a very busy period for Unite as we support and represent employees who are unhappy with their end of year ratings and/or salary increase. This year has been no different and we have in fact supported a record number of members either by giving advice or by supporting them formally through an appeals process. Clearly with the TUPE transfer happening at the same time the last two months have certainly been interesting!

Your Priorities

In the last Outlook we asked you to tell us what you think the union should be focussing on in the Capita. Thanks to all those members who responded and below we list the top 5 issues. We have begun to work on these issues and have started to discuss some with Capita. We will of course update members on the progress of these as discussions.

Top 5 priorities:-

- Promotions/Applying for another job/Moving to a Capita Contract
- The future of Reading site
- The Capita Transition programme
- Pay rises, Salaries and the use of Market Data
- Recruitment of new members & recognition in Craigforth

We have also started to pick up concerns about sickness absence and how absence and sickness will be managed under Capita.

Promotions/Applying for another job/Moving to Capita a Capita Contract
The issue is that if you are promoted (within the Pru Contract) or apply for another job within Capita (outside of the Pru contract) it is likely that you will be asked to move to a Capita contract with Capita terms and conditions.

This issue has been raised by a large number of members and we have been talking to Capita to try to find a common and collective position that we feel Unite and its members will be comfortable with and that Capita will be comfortable with. It looks increasingly unlikely that we will find an agreeable collective position on this in the near future however we are still planning ongoing talks around this issue.

As this can effect your TUPE terms and conditions we would very strongly urge all members to seek advice from Unite prior to signing a new contract (a Capita contract).

The Future of the Reading Site & The Capita Transition Programme
No discussions have taken place yet on this and we can fully understand why this is a concern. In terms of the Reading site Capita have said that they will do a feasibility study during 2009 and the Unite will be fully involved and consulted. Things do seem to move quickly in Capita so we will try to keep members informed as the plans develop and consultations take place.

Unite National Capita Committee (NCC)

Every two months or so the NCC meets - The NCC is made of two Unite reps from each Capita Life and Pensions location/workplace. There are reps from ex-Prudential Reading & Belfast, reps from the ex-Co-op Insurance Services (CIS) sites and ex- Resolution sites.

The NCC meets to discuss common issues across Capita L&P, to share our experiences of working for Capita and share best practice. This Committee will also be looking to issue communications and fact sheets to support Unite members in Capita. The next meeting will take place in Belfast during late May. Chris Gray the seconded rep based in Reading and other workplace reps from the Prudential will be attending this and future meetings. We will of course keep members informed of any important issues/developments over the coming year either through local communications or through NCC communications.

Jobs At Risk In Glasgow

Members may have heard that over 300 Capita employees have been put at risk of redundancy in the Glasgow office. These are ex-Resolution employees who were transferred to Capita. Clearly this causes some concern for Unite and our members. Unite is in discussions with Capita and as always our aim is to avoid Compulsory job losses. Capita have stated that they will look at redeployment opportunities.