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A case of stabilise and then hopefully expand

We are pleased that, for the majority of members, the news delivered by Phil Braithwaite, on Friday 10th Oct, appears to be positive.

Unite senior reps and your local reps have met with Phil on two occasions in the last month to express our concerns about the Belfast operation and site. We are pleased that Capita have listened and have now been very honest with employees about the Belfast operation. It clearly wasn't making sense (either morally or in terms of business) to leave employees feeling left at risk and in the dark.

The meeting we had with Capita on the Friday morning was positive for a number of reasons

Capita are now being honest about the importance of the C2C contract.

Capita are stating that the contract is close to being signed and when this happened it will mean a specialist sales area with Capita Life & Pensions based in Belfast.

The signing of the contract will also mean that the majority of Customers Services work will remain in Belfast.

Clearly there was one potential negative around the Salisbury work but Capita are hopeful that this will either remain or new work can be brought in the replace it. Even if this work does go at the end of year we have agreed with Capita that it would be the roles at risk and we would explore ways of avoiding compulsory redundancies. Capita and Unite have therefore agreed to meet again at the end of November and it has also been agreed that no employees will be put at risk until the situation is fully understood and these talks have happened.

It is also a great shame that the Thames contract was lost although clearly there was perhaps little Capita could do about this after the Prudential pulled the project completely. The stabilisation of work and the work force has come too late for some employees and clearly this may not sit well with you and it doesn't with your union. However after union meetings with the majority of members affected it was agreed to allow Capita time to try to secure the C2C contract. We applaud the members who made this decision, as it is them who are directly impacted by the loss of the Thames contract and these particular job losses.

Capita have stated that they and the Prudential acknowledge the professionalism and commitment of Belfast employees. Services levels have continued to be delivered despite the great uncertainty and C2C sales performance has grown strongly. You have shown Capita that you can deliver for them and now it is time for them to deliver for you. So Capita do now need to secure the C2C contract and secure the current work. Then hopefully together Capita and the dedicated work force in Belfast can attract new work and new contracts and grow.

Unite will continue to talk to Capita through this delicate period. We will continue to press home how hard working and professional you all are. We are sure that if we all continue to work together and Capita shows you the dedication you have shown then the long term future will be much brighter. Please also continue to support Unite and your local work place reps.

We shall also be shortly discussing pay and bonus with Capita so if you are not a member please join. The stronger our membership the stronger our collective voice.