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Migrations/Offshoring announcement 3rd Nov

Today Capita have made a number of announcements/updates on migrations in Reading and Craigforth.

As you will know, Unite has ongoing concerns about the amount of work moving to Mumbai and the impact this has on employees in Reading & Craigforth. We also have growing concerns about possible impacts on customers as a result of previous migrations and in the longer term if more complex work migrates.

So what have Capita announced today?
In Reading

An update on the AVC Cash migration previously announced. Capita are
migrating 35 roles, with 25 permanent staff being impacted. Of these,
5 will undertake the AVCs work remaining in the UK and 20 will be

That potentially 33-34 Servicing South roles will move to Mumbai
between Q3 2009 and Q1 2010.

In Craigforth
A new feasibility study will take place on Life and Pensions to see
what, if any, additional work can be migrated.

An update on Annuities pension payments stating that the majority
this work can migrate with 11 roles being impacted.

FRIS/IPM ? The feasibility study has shown that this work should stay
in Craigforth for now.

Ongoing consultation
The new figures for Servicing South are lower than those originally announced, partly because Capita have agreed (for now) that all technical support roles should remain in the UK.

As well as trying to protect jobs and job security, Unite has raised some concerns about some of the previous migrations and the impact these have had on customers and employees. Capita have recognised some of these issues and have put new processes and checks in place. As an example Capita have now introduced an ?operational warranty period? which checks that the
migration has worked as expected.

Capita will continue to consult with Unite about the migrations. Our main aims through this process will be to do everything possible to avoid compulsory job losses and to make sure the employees who are impacted are treated with respect and fairness at all times. Unite will fight compulsory job losses, with our members support / permission, and we will defend our
members rights.

As you may know, at the point of transfer to Capita, Unite was very clear that the principles behind our security of employment must transfer. We are pleased that Capita agreed to this. These principles mean that should there be a need for redundancies then Capita should first seek alternative options to compulsory job losses. This includes finding suitable alternative work for employees.

With good planning this is possible. For example because Capita has not been recruiting permanent employees externally (and has been backfilling natural attrition with temps) when the AVCs cash work does migrate all impacted employees will be found suitable alternative roles within Capita Customer Services Reading. We hope this will happen for the other
migrations in Reading and Craigforth. Clearly if suitable roles cannot be found then Capita should seek volunteers rather than resort to compulsory redundancies. Capita state that in these circumstances they will always allow employees to express a preference but this does not offer a guarantee of redundancy as Capita do need to retain key sills and knowledge. Unite
will fully support its members both collectively and on an individual basis and we have found that through various methods that we can avoid compulsory job losses.

Your Unite reps are here to support you during this process - collectively as outlined above and individually by supporting members through the process and through redeployment into a suitable alternative role.

We will be holding a members meeting in Reading on Wednesday 5th November.
This will take place in the Restaurant between 3.30pm and 5pm. We encourage all Capita employees to attend as we will be discussing the above migrations plus any other issues/concerns you may have.

For members in Craigforth, as we do not have recognition (which means we
don't have permission to do so), we cannot hold members meetings on the site. However we can hold members? meetings off site. Please let us know if you like us to arrange this. We can, and will, also meet individual members on site if you have a concern or work related issue. Craigforth also has an information and consultation body called 'your voice' which is being

If you have any questions in the meantime please contact one of your local
Unite workplace reps below.

Gary Fostekew 75-56745
Graeme Hoskin 75-56708
Hubert Bowers 73-3023
Mark Sherwood 73-6062
Mark Trinder 73-3515
Pam Buckett 75-56705
Richard Medlycott 73-3037