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Capita Look at Offshoring More UK Jobs

Today Monday 26th January Capita have announced that they are looking at the feasibility of offshoring more UK Work (from Reading) to Mumbai

As you will know Unite has ongoing concerns about the amount of work moving to Mumbai and the impact this has on all employees in Reading. We also have growing concerns about the potential impact on customers, certainly in the longer term, if the more complex work migrates.

Firstly we must make it clear that what Capita are proposing and have communicated is a feasibility study to see what work can or can't migrate. Clearly they believe some work can migrate but until that feasibility study is complete they won?t know the exact work or numbers.

The following work/activity will be looked at:

OB/PP/RP/Prubond/New World and RPPAP Technicians
Pensions Guarantees Calcs and Servicing
PP Unit linking
Special Products (IB, Prutrust, Loans, Prufund, Trusts and Titles)

Some of this is more specialist work and we are surprised that Capita are looking at this work. We have informed Capita that if this goes ahead it will, in our opinion, be a very difficult migration and that Mumbai may struggle to deal with such complex work. If there are any positives from the approach taken by Capita it is that they are talking to employees at the earliest stage and that employees who currently do the work should be able to have input into the feasibility study itself.

This particular feasibility study will be looking at the work of around 100 people who are currently employed in Reading. Also previously announced feasibility studies are still ongoing and we are concerned about the impact on our members should Capita decide that a large amount of work can move.

Capita have also stated that if any work does move it may take some years to fully complete the migrations. Given the UK is entering a recession and with unemployment increasing Unite is strongly of the view that the offshoring of UK jobs is morally wrong in the current economic climate.

As you may know at the point of transfer to Capita, Unite was very clear that the principles behind our security of employment must transfer. We are pleased that Capita agreed to this. These principles mean that should there be a need for redundancies then Capita should seek volunteers first and the key to treating employees with respect is to understand what all employees want (through preferences) and to allow those that want to leave to do so
whilst securing roles for employees who want to stay. However given the potential numbers involved we believe this could become very difficult. Capita also state that although they allow employees to express a preference this does not mean a guarantee of redundancy as they may need to retain key skills.

Unite have made it clear to Capita that our policy is zero tolerance of compulsory redundancies and that Unite will give full backing to members wishing to defend their jobs. Capita will continue to consult with Unite about this migration, at this stage these are feasibility studies only and it may be that Capita decide that the majority of work cannot move.

Unite can support members through this process - collectively as outlined above and individually by supporting members through the process and through redeployment into a suitable alternative role or alternative role.

We will be holding meetings in Reading over the coming weeks and we would encourage all employees to attend one of these meetings.

However if you have any questions in the meantime please contact one of your local Unite workplace reps below.

Gary Fostekew 75-56745
Graeme Hoskin 75-56708
Hubert Bowers 73-3023
Mark Trinder 73-3515
Pam Buckett 75-56705
Richard Medlycott 73-3037