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Pay and Bonus

Over the last couple of weeks Unite have had a few question regarding this
years pay claim and the bonus.

As you may already be aware one quarter of the bonus, for 2008, is based on
the performance of Prudential during 2008. The other three quarters are
based on the performance of the Prudential contract within Capita Life and
Pensions. Capita have committed to talk to Unite about the bonus, the bonus
rules and distribution. These talks have just started.

With regards our pay claim - the Unite pay claim, for employees in the
Prudential contract (Reading and Craigforth), was sent to Capita this week.
Local talks between Capita and Unite will then take place over the coming

As soon as we are in a position to communicate further we will do. As
always members will have the opportunity to have their say on pay
negotiations, in the form of a workplace ballot.

We will also be holding members meetings in the coming weeks so please look
out for further communications.

This communication has only been issued to members if you know any non
members who might be interesting please forward this onto them. Please also
encourage them to join as the more members we have the stronger position we
are in when entering negotiations.