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October 20, 2010

Unite Within Capita Life and Pensions

Unite exists to look after the interests of our members and to protect and improve your terms and conditions of employment. Unite is the only union recognised, in Capita L&P, to negotiate with the company on behalf of staff. Capita has rapidly expanded into the financial services sector over the last few years. Many thousands of staff have transferred into the company on TUPE protected terms which were negotiated by Unite. Offshoring and reorganisation are oftern features of the work/contracts that Capita has secured in L&P therefore defending our members job security remains top priority for Unite.

Unite is currently recognised in Ex Prudential (Reading & Belfast), Ex Resolution (Glasgow & Wythall), Ex Co-op Insurance Services CIS (Manchester).

We have a network of workplace reps at each site working on your behalf on day to day issues. We also have a National Capita Committee made up of lead reps from each site. For further info please refer to 'how to contact us?' or have a look at your local site pages within this website

August 22, 2010

Know Your Rights

Medical Appointments
If you have to attend occasional Doctors, Dentists, or any other medical appointments, you should expect to receive paid time off. In other words, you should not have to make this time up.

You are expected to try and get an appointment which minimises the time you need to take off (for example, first thing in the morning), but this is not always possible.

Any union member who has previously been asked to make up time in this way should contact UNITE for advice on whether there is a case for re-claiming this time

Every member of UNITE has the right to be accompanied by one of the Union Reps in any meetings related to a disciplinary or sickness absence matter.

E-mail .BOX AMICUS GLASGOW if you need a Rep

July 9, 2009

Capita Staff On Strike Today



Unite members working at Capita Bothwell Street will be taking strike action today (Friday 10th July) in a dispute over pay.

Life and Pensions staff can show support for striking colleagues by wearing the “I’m Backing Bothwell Street“ stickers in work today

Capita has failed to enter into negotiations with staff representatives since an initial offer of a 1.5% pay rise (with no bonus payment).

Unite members are angry that despite making massive profits Capita will not give staff a decent
pay rise.

Workers feel that they have been left with no alternative but to take strike action.

Capita have no financial excuse not to give their staff a fair pay rise:

• An 18% increase in Capita operating profit – up from £271 million to £320 million;

• A 70% increase in operating profit for the division where Bothwell Street staff work – up from
£33 million to £56 million;

• No bonus for workers but big bonuses in the boardroom.

Staff are angry that their contribution to the 70% increase in divisional profits is not been fairly recognised. The situation is further exacerbated by the fact that historically Capita has settled with a higher pay pot in recognition of the fact that members do not receive bonus payments but are refusing to acknowledge the position this year.

July 4, 2009

Why are Capita Staff On Strike


Unite members working at Capita, Bothwell Street are on strike in a dispute over pay.

Their employer, Capita has failed to enter into negotiations with staff representatives since an initial offer of a 1.5% pay rise.

Unite members are angry that despite making massive profits Capita will not give staff a decent pay rise.

Workers feel that they have been left with no alternative but to take strike action.

Capita have no financial excuse not to give their staff a fair pay rise:

• An 18% increase in Capita operating profit – up from £271 million to £320 million;

• A 70% increase in operating profit for the division where Bothwell Street staff
work – up from £33 million to £56 million;

• No bonus for workers but big bonuses in the boardroom.

Staff are angry that their contribution to the 70% increase in divisional profits have not been fairly recognised.


June 4, 2009

Capita Newsletter June 2009


Most Capita sites in Capita Life &Pension (L&P) have now agreed pay increases and bonus amounts. However we still have two contracts where our members have rejected the offers put forward by Capita. Here is the up to date news from each contract/site.

 Belfast (Prudential) – A 1.5% pay increase paid across the board (so not based on market or performance) plus a bonus payment which is on target. 91% of members have accepted this offer.

 Bournemouth (Deutsche Bank) – A 1.5% pay increase, a ballot of the membership has taken and has been agreed by the membership.

 Glasgow & Wythall (Pearl) – Again it was a 1.5% pot but distributed partly based on performance. An on target bonus was also paid.

 Glasgow (Hartshead) – Agreement has not been reached in Glasgow Hartshead and Unite are some way from being able to reach agreement. The main issue is the fact that the offer from Capita is 1.5% with no bonus. Talks are ongoing but members have not ruled out taking action if necessary.

 Manchester (C.I.S) - After several meetings with management the proposal on pay distribution was £550 for managers (capped for those earning above £40,000), £440 for staff who had exceeded, £275 for achieved and £220 for progressing. However most worryingly there was no pay rise what so ever for any member of staff paid at 110% or above of the market rate. The market rate was also not increased. As a result of this around 31% of Staff will not get a pay increase. The offer was put to Ballot and was rejected by 89% of members. Further talks are now taking place.

 Reading (Prudential) A 1.5% pay increase across the board (so not based on market of performance) plus a bonus payment which was on target and was distributed based on performance. 89% of members accepted the deal on offer.


Unite has been lobbying the government about the mass job losses hitting the Finance Sector. This isn’t just about the big banks although clearly the banking sector is being hit hard. Unite is concerned that other Companies will jump on the bandwagon and will make redundancies in the UK even though they continue to make very good profits. This could include some of the UK Insurance Companies (we have already seen big announcements in Aviva and Legal and General) and also Capita.

For Capita - Unite produced the following report for the Government.

In 2009 Capita Life and Pensions has continued to rapidly expand into UK Financial Services. This year we have already seen two big new contract announcements with AXA and Abbey Life work being outsourced to Capita. This means around another 1500 finance sector workers will move into Capita. Capita also took over the administration on Prudential life and pension policies during 2008 with nearly 1700 UK workers moving from Prudential to Capita. The Prudential contract also gave Capita an increased presence in Mumbai with around 4000 employees in India now working for Capita. Most employees TUPE into Capita and in the main their key terms and conditions are protected. Capita L&P now has contracts with Pearl/Resolution Life, Zurich, Prudential, Coop Insurance Services, Abbey Life and shortly AXA employing around 12000 staff in the UK and around 4000 outside of the UK.

The Capita business model involves winning such contracts and reducing costs either through IT system improvements or through the offshoring of work. There has already been one site closure in Wythall resulting in around 500 job losses. Capita are currently undertaking a feasibility study to see if further work can be offshored from Reading & Stirling this could result in compulsory job losses which Unite will challenge. So far around 300 job roles are in scope for this feasibility study. In Belfast since Capita took over the contract in 2006 the headcount has reduced from around 500 to 250.

There is a view that if some the complex work is moved offshore this could be to the detriment of customers. The skills, knowledge and experience of workers dealing with the more complex life and pensions products cannot be easily replicated as it can take years to build up such knowledge. UK workers in the Life and pensions industry are just not worried about the impact on their jobs they are also genuinely concerned about the impact on customers. Unite are concerned that cutting costs and making ever increasing profits will ultimately be to the detriment of customers and service. Clearly our main aim is to try to protect jobs and members key terms and conditions.

March 5, 2009

Belfast - Unite stunned at the Prudential decision

You may have heard today that the Capita to Client (C2C) sales contract in Belfast has not been renewed by Prudential. Unite were informed, by Capita, of the likelihood of this a few days ago however we still hoped that Capita might be able to persuade Prudential that the decision is fundamentally wrong.

This decision could potentially put over 110 sales jobs in Belfast at risk.

Our understanding is that in 2008 C2C achieved all of the sales targets set and agreed by Prudential and Capita. Members in C2C have worked very hard to achieve these results and we are stunned that Prudential would make such a decision.

Capita are clearly also stunned after all it was only a few months ago when Phil Braithwaite himself who stood up in front employees in Belfast to say this contract would not be lost. However this is clearly one problem of working for an outsourcing company as ultimately Capita is not the final decision maker.

We believe that Capita has done all it can to continue with this contract however we are still at a loss to understand why the Prudential has made such a decision.

Economically is doesn’t make sense unless Prudential are going to TUPE employees back in and retain the work and workers in Belfast. Our understanding at this stage is that this is not their intention. We do not believe that this work can be done better or more economically elsewhere in the UK - certainly when you also factor in the potential costs of redundancy, training along with the risk of a loss of sales.

Even if this is not an economic decision but one of the Prudential wanting to have more direct control over its sales it would still make sense to keep this in Belfast. In Belfast we have a fully trained workforce which has proved beyond any doubt that they can do the work successfully.

So what happens next? Capita are talking to Unite and we will continue to consult with them. We are hopeful that the contract will continue into 2009. However we still need to secure a longer term future not only for C2C but for the whole Belfast site.

We are taking a strong line with Prudential as we feel this decision is wrong both morally and economically. During the current economic climate it would be disgraceful to make redundant 110 experienced sales people who have worked hard and achieved all the targets they have been set. Unite will give full backing to members wishing to defend their jobs. We are therefore urging Capita and Prudential to jointly talk to Unite over the coming weeks.

In the meantime please support and show solidarity for you colleagues in Belfast. For further information and future updates please visit

January 29, 2009

Capita Look at Offshoring More UK Jobs

Today Monday 26th January Capita have announced that they are looking at the feasibility of offshoring more UK Work (from Reading) to Mumbai

As you will know Unite has ongoing concerns about the amount of work moving to Mumbai and the impact this has on all employees in Reading. We also have growing concerns about the potential impact on customers, certainly in the longer term, if the more complex work migrates.

Firstly we must make it clear that what Capita are proposing and have communicated is a feasibility study to see what work can or can't migrate. Clearly they believe some work can migrate but until that feasibility study is complete they won?t know the exact work or numbers.

The following work/activity will be looked at:

OB/PP/RP/Prubond/New World and RPPAP Technicians
Pensions Guarantees Calcs and Servicing
PP Unit linking
Special Products (IB, Prutrust, Loans, Prufund, Trusts and Titles)

Some of this is more specialist work and we are surprised that Capita are looking at this work. We have informed Capita that if this goes ahead it will, in our opinion, be a very difficult migration and that Mumbai may struggle to deal with such complex work. If there are any positives from the approach taken by Capita it is that they are talking to employees at the earliest stage and that employees who currently do the work should be able to have input into the feasibility study itself.

This particular feasibility study will be looking at the work of around 100 people who are currently employed in Reading. Also previously announced feasibility studies are still ongoing and we are concerned about the impact on our members should Capita decide that a large amount of work can move.

Capita have also stated that if any work does move it may take some years to fully complete the migrations. Given the UK is entering a recession and with unemployment increasing Unite is strongly of the view that the offshoring of UK jobs is morally wrong in the current economic climate.

As you may know at the point of transfer to Capita, Unite was very clear that the principles behind our security of employment must transfer. We are pleased that Capita agreed to this. These principles mean that should there be a need for redundancies then Capita should seek volunteers first and the key to treating employees with respect is to understand what all employees want (through preferences) and to allow those that want to leave to do so
whilst securing roles for employees who want to stay. However given the potential numbers involved we believe this could become very difficult. Capita also state that although they allow employees to express a preference this does not mean a guarantee of redundancy as they may need to retain key skills.

Unite have made it clear to Capita that our policy is zero tolerance of compulsory redundancies and that Unite will give full backing to members wishing to defend their jobs. Capita will continue to consult with Unite about this migration, at this stage these are feasibility studies only and it may be that Capita decide that the majority of work cannot move.

Unite can support members through this process - collectively as outlined above and individually by supporting members through the process and through redeployment into a suitable alternative role or alternative role.

We will be holding meetings in Reading over the coming weeks and we would encourage all employees to attend one of these meetings.

However if you have any questions in the meantime please contact one of your local Unite workplace reps below.

Gary Fostekew 75-56745
Graeme Hoskin 75-56708
Hubert Bowers 73-3023
Mark Trinder 73-3515
Pam Buckett 75-56705
Richard Medlycott 73-3037


November 4, 2008

Why Join Unite

Who is Unite?

Unite is the largest union in the UK and has over two million members, with an annual income of over £100 million to enable us to work and campiagn on behalf of our members.

Unite in the Finance Sector

Unite Finance Sector has over 200,000 members working across a wide spectrum of employers from the big and smaller players in retail and investment banking to global insurance companies and building societies. Our wealth of experience and expertise in the fast changing world of finance ensures that we are uniquely placed to get the best for our members in terms pay, pensions and other terms and conditions. Plus support our members when faced by outsourcing, offshoring, mergers and restructuring.

Protection At Work

We advise, represent and support members in the vent of any sort of problem at work such as grievances, salary appeals and disciplinary hearings - confidential and professional advice when you need it. Whatever the issue you can turn to us if you have a problem at work.

Legal Support

We offer invaluable legal support whether its because of discrimination, unfair dismissal or accidents at work. in 2007 alone Unite recovered more than £130 million in compensation for our members. The Unite legal team is there to help our members when they really need it.

Campaigning For Change

We know that its not just pay that concerns workers. Unite campaigns for a real work life balance for workers to ensure that you can enjoy life out of work. Improving your skills is a vital way to improve your life and we have trained learning reps to advise members on learning opportunities. We want to make sure that our members work in a safe and healthy environment so outlawing all forms of discrimination and bullying to ensure dignity at work is top priority.

By joining together at work, you will be giving yourselves a louder and stronger voice, a voice that cannot be ignored. So join Unite today. To join follow the link on this website - you can now join on line.