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October 20, 2010

Unite Within Capita Life and Pensions

Unite exists to look after the interests of our members and to protect and improve your terms and conditions of employment. Unite is the only union recognised, in Capita L&P, to negotiate with the company on behalf of staff. Capita has rapidly expanded into the financial services sector over the last few years. Many thousands of staff have transferred into the company on TUPE protected terms which were negotiated by Unite. Offshoring and reorganisation are oftern features of the work/contracts that Capita has secured in L&P therefore defending our members job security remains top priority for Unite.

Unite is currently recognised in Ex Prudential (Reading & Belfast), Ex Resolution (Glasgow & Wythall), Ex Co-op Insurance Services CIS (Manchester).

We have a network of workplace reps at each site working on your behalf on day to day issues. We also have a National Capita Committee made up of lead reps from each site. For further info please refer to 'how to contact us?' or have a look at your local site pages within this website

November 4, 2008

Why Join Unite

Who is Unite?

Unite is the largest union in the UK and has over two million members, with an annual income of over £100 million to enable us to work and campiagn on behalf of our members.

Unite in the Finance Sector

Unite Finance Sector has over 200,000 members working across a wide spectrum of employers from the big and smaller players in retail and investment banking to global insurance companies and building societies. Our wealth of experience and expertise in the fast changing world of finance ensures that we are uniquely placed to get the best for our members in terms pay, pensions and other terms and conditions. Plus support our members when faced by outsourcing, offshoring, mergers and restructuring.

Protection At Work

We advise, represent and support members in the vent of any sort of problem at work such as grievances, salary appeals and disciplinary hearings - confidential and professional advice when you need it. Whatever the issue you can turn to us if you have a problem at work.

Legal Support

We offer invaluable legal support whether its because of discrimination, unfair dismissal or accidents at work. in 2007 alone Unite recovered more than £130 million in compensation for our members. The Unite legal team is there to help our members when they really need it.

Campaigning For Change

We know that its not just pay that concerns workers. Unite campaigns for a real work life balance for workers to ensure that you can enjoy life out of work. Improving your skills is a vital way to improve your life and we have trained learning reps to advise members on learning opportunities. We want to make sure that our members work in a safe and healthy environment so outlawing all forms of discrimination and bullying to ensure dignity at work is top priority.

By joining together at work, you will be giving yourselves a louder and stronger voice, a voice that cannot be ignored. So join Unite today. To join follow the link on this website - you can now join on line.